The Do’s and Don’ts in Designing Websites

Websites are web pages created by companies as a way of promoting their business and by advertisers as a marketing technique to sell products to various customers. Every marketing agency and business company have utilized websites as a promoting and advertising medium. Designing websites have become an important factor for both budding and old time businesses such as those from the entertainment industry for promoting movies and television shows, news media for provision of the latest news to the public, and promotion of personal gains. How a web page is designed is very much important for it shows how interesting and eye-catching the site is. If a webpage attracts a lot of traffic, then it somehow speaks of the way that the site is designed. An excellently designed website would lure a lot of visitors into it, affecting the business or person in a more positive manner. This article then will help you design a website by stating out a few helpful do’s and don’ts.What the website contains and encompassesYou must first determine and establish what the website will contain. The rule in designing websites is that you must keep the website’s scope and purpose in mind. You would not appreciate the website of a small business if it contains a lot of personal content, nor would you like a personal web blog designed heavily with outsource links. Keep your website user friendly so that a visitor will have an easier time in surfing your site.The website’s layoutAnother thing to note also is to keep up with the requirements of your website. A website that is heavy with animations or large-scale images may hold up a lot of internet traffic. Websites like these consume so much time just in loading it, making a lot of people lose interest on them quickly. So do not overly decorate your website. Research shows that visitors appreciate and love simpler-built sites as compared to websites that have lots of sounds and animations but takes too much loading time.A website free from hackers and any possible virusesHackers and viruses are just around the corner of the World Wide Web. If you are building a website for an online business you have to always make sure you have stable and protected financial transactions. You need to install modern security protocols so as to avoid bugging of e-cash at any occasion.

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